Calendar features


  • This calendar is now fully mobile optimized. All members can use the RSS button at the bottom of the page to synchronize with their own calendar and have every club event or just selected categories directly uploaded to their own calendar on their phone automatically!
    subscribe button
  • The calendar has a number of different possible views/layouts. These are Agenda, Day, Month, Week, Posterboard & Stream. The calendar default view setting is posterboard. To change the view/layout of the calendar, click on the box in the top right of the calendar for a drop down menu of the options

    calendar views

  • If you do not want to see all the categories of events, the calendar can be filtered down so that you only see the categories that you are interested in. To filter the calendar, click on categories in the top left of the calendar to bring down a drop down menu. Select the category you are interested in and only events from this category will be shown. To add additional categories to your filter, click on categories again and choose another category, repeat this process for further additional categories. Each category you select will be highlighted in blue and the categories button itself will be highlighted in green to indicate that it is being filtered.
    The following image shows three categories were selected (Division 2 league, Intermediate championship and Intermediate training)
    Calendar categories
    To remove your filter, click on the x button inside the green highlighted categories button and all events will be displayed again .
  • It is possible to subscribe to only a filtered calendar by clicking on the subscribe button when your calendar is filtered. In the above example, if the subscribe button was clicked on, only the events for Division 2 league, Intermediate championship and Intermediate training would be synchronised with your own personal calendar on your mobile phone or other device
  • By clicking on the event you are interested in, additional event information is accessed. Additional information may include a location address, location map, event organiser and the organisers contact details. You can add just an individual event to your calendar from here also
  • All Members can now also add their own events to the calendar by clicking on the ‘+‘ button at the top of the calendar. Your event will appear on the Club’s calendar and the calendars of all who have subscribed!….and yes, it is moderated 🙂
  • Importantly – this Calendar is updated daily with all club events – matches, training sessions, club meetings, social events etc. Revisions will be made as they occur, such as in the event of a date or venue change. If you want something added, please let us know